keep it surreal

danielle, 20, dreadie mess, sparkle fairy, body modification enthusiast, vegan, infp, ferret momma, positive energy, live free ~ instagram: leafpixie

sexpectxtions: you're so pretty wow wow wow

thank you, so are you!! c:

you live in jersey??

i moved out to virginia but my parents still live in the same house i grew up in so whenever i visit “home,” i’m going to new jersey :)

Anonymous: Why dont you Like we❤️it? :)

they allow people to upload other people’s photos to their site, for the purpose of sharing elsewhere, without any credit to the original photographer/owner. it’s just pointless and disrespectful and rude

why does weheartit exist?????? why??????????????

Anonymous: where is your boyfriend from?

the town next to mine in new jersey!

(but technically california)


"Astral projection"Oil on canvas 70x50 cmSebastian Eriksson 2013

getting a job at spencer’s was the worst idea of my life for many reasons but mainly because i am forced to sell shit-quality jewelry to people for their “gauges” and listen to them talk about shoving pen caps in their ears