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Anonymous: I'm a new

i’m an old :/


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Your daily dose of color: “Seas of Europa II” 48x60 by John R (Bob) Ichter
i hope so! the power company said the whole town’s out and it could be 3 hours. i might have chilled key lime soup instead of pie… but at least it will taste good…

i just spent my entire afternoon buying ingredients and baking two freakin’ awesome pies, so i put them in the fridge to set, closed the door, and then our power went out -______-

hangin’ in dirty jersey for the rest of this month so i can be with my mom when she starts chemotherapy on thursday morning

tomorrow i’m making raw vegan key lime pie (her favorite!) and a vegan chocolate raspberry tart. i figured it might be nice to have something sweet in the house before her taste buds get all fucked up. idk

fairycrownofstars: meow ^.^ i vegan tooooooos <3 vegan power!

yay!!!!!!!!! c: *throws kale in the air*

Anonymous: Hope you know your looks mesmerize me. I think you might be one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet.

wow thank you! <3 that’s pretty extreme though!